Purchasing your first home is an exciting, nerve wracking, emotional roller-coaster of an experience! Since Homes & Loans offers both Real Estate AND Mortgage services, we provide you everything you need to take care of your entire real estate purchase!

Anyone who searches online will find that there are so many approaches, so many hoops to jump through, so many regulations, hidden costs, twists and turns, that by the time the loan is approved and you close on your home, you may not notice – or care that the total cost of financing your home ends up being more than you were expecting or planning to pay – but, you’ll be so emotionally spent, you’ll tell yourself you’re just happy you closed on the house and you can pick up the pieces later.

Homes & Loans is here to make sure YOU DO NOT have that kind of home buying experience.  Here are the 3 steps Homes & Loans first time buyers take to ensure they’re ahead of the purchaser pack AND saving thousands of dollars in the process!

  1. Get Approved – When you come in for your initial meeting with Jennifer & Patrick, we’ll start not just by showing that you’re pre-qualified for a loan or even pre-approved for a loan – we’ll make sure you are APPROVED for a loan on a value that you can afford for your first home purchase. In this seller’s market, someone seeing that your loan is already approved gives you an advantage over someone who’s loan is only pre-approved or pre-qualified, as it leaves no doubt in the sellers mind that you’re ready to buy their home!  The other advantage is that you know exactly what you can spend which leads directly to…
  2. Highly Focused Home Search – since we know exactly  what you can spend on your home, we can filter and focus the home search process to ensure we’re not wasting time scheduling showings for homes that are above or below the amount you’re approved to spend.  And as they say, time is money, and we want to do everything we can to help you save yours, which is a perfect segue to…
  3. Saving Money On Mortgage Fees – Because we’re covering both sides of your home purchase for you, we can offer you mortgage rates and closing costs far below the levels most competing banks or mortgage brokers can offer you!  Zero broker fees, no origination fees means we can Pass The Savings To You!

Want to learn more? Let’s schedule a time to meet and see how we can help you with your Homes & Loans!