Patrick Aladadyan started his career in finance out of his love for the stock market in 2002. Based out of Glendale, CA, it soon became his passion to be able to help people realize their dream of becoming homeowners. In 2004, along with his partner, Jennifer Escobar, they ventured out and launched their own brokerage which enabled them to help homeowners with no limitations. In the following ten years, their company would allow them to expand their service throughout the state of California, helping sellers and buyers from San Francisco to the San Fernando Valley.

Jennifer Escobar’s career started out with law while her love of music brought her into the music industry. One thing that her experiences had in common was her passion for socializing and networking. As she transitioned out of the music business in 2002, she found the perfect opportunity to join Patrick in Real Estate. She genuinely cares about the people she meets and makes it her priority to help make their home ownership dream a reality.

Patrick and Jennifer are now engaged and have moved out of Glendale, CA to Granada Hills CA. They have moved to a new location and have a new company named Homes & Loans. Their new name reflects their 30 years of combined experience and simplifies their services. Together, they have worked in representing buyers, sellers, investors and working with banks. Thanks to their great reputation, Jennifer and Patrick have helped repeating clients throughout the years, from buying their first home, to refinancing, to upgrading to their dream home!

Homes & Loans has truly become a family operation and they look forward to helping you and your family by making you feel at home with them!