Which comes first?

The Chicken? Or the Egg?
The Peanut Butter? Or the Jelly?
The Freeway? Or the Traffic?
The House Shopping? or the Mortgage?

At Homes & Loans, we understand that there are many opinions on how best to start your home purchasing process. In case you’re wondering, our opinion is to…


In the context of Real Estate,

We are the Chicken & The Egg!
We are the Peanut Butter & The Jelly!
We aren’t the Freeway but we do contribute to the Traffic!
We help you to to begin your Home Purchasing Process (The House Shopping AND Mortgage Approval) In ONE place with ONE team!

Avoid the stress of getting pre-qualified for a number that is lower or higher than you can actually afford! At H&L we get you APPROVED for the home purchase amount BEFORE you look for the home of your dreams.
Avoid the stress of getting charged for BOTH Realtor Fees & Mortgage Points! At H&L we’ll get you the lowest rate with paying ZERO points (potentially saving you THOU$AND$!)
Avoid the stress of finding a Realtor you can trust AND a Mortgage Broker you can trust! At H&L our team helps you with BOTH, saving you time, energy, stress and ultimately dollars!

Don’t take our word for it – hear from the hundreds of clients we’ve helped find AND buy the home of their dreams:

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